University of Liège

The only complete public university in the Belgian French-speaking community, the University of Liège prides itself on its pluralistic vision and on its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. It is a member of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy (together with Gembloux Agro Bio Tech).

The TCP group

The theoretical physical chemistry (TCP) group research activities focus on the theory and modelling of the dynamics of molecular systems subject to external perturbations, with applications to:

  • Molecular logic using intra- and inter- molecular dynamics, with special emphasis on the implementation of massively parallel logic operations and multivalued logic
  • Attochemistry: control of chemical reactivity by ultrafast (attosecond) optical excitation in molecules
  • Dynamics of excited states in dense level systems and the control of energy and charge transfer : polyatomic molecules, high molecular Rydberg states, site-selected reactivity in small ionized peptides, arrays of metallic quantum dots
  • Electronic, structural, optical, transport and magnetic properties of molecular and nanosystems
  • Systems biology: Information Theoretic Approach for the analysis of high throughput genomic and proteomic data
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